Product News: Bruker Optics Reaches Another New Peak in FT-IR Spectroscopy

03 Mar 2008

Bruker Optics launches its new VERTEX 70v vacuum Fourier transform infrared spectrometer at the 2008 PITTCON conference, completing the highly successful VERTEX series.

To date, buyers of a mid-priced research-grade FT-IR have had to choose between a fully functioning research spectrometer with purged optics or a striped down vacuum system, but with the introduction of the VERTEX 70v it is now possible to have both. The new VERTEX 70v is the first and only FT-IR spectrometer that offers full research capabilities, the renowned performance of a Bruker spectrometer, and vacuum operation, all at an affordable price.

As in all Bruker FT-IR spectrometers, data acquisition is based on dual-channel 24-bit ADC’s integrated with the detector, yielding the highest signal-to-noise ratio available. The patented, RockSolidTM interferometer in the VERTEX 70v gives excellent long-tem stability. Signal-to-noise and stability is enhanced by the vacuum configuration, which guarantees complete rejection of the interference from atmospheric gases such as water vapor and carbon dioxide. The VERTEX 70v thus offers the ultimate in sensitivity for challenging measurements, for example time resolved studies, spectroscopic analysis of weakly absorbing samples such as monolayers, and far infrared spectroscopy.

The VERTEX 70v has a full range of optional capabilities, including automated source and detector selection, and software control of two external input and up to five exit beam ports. The VERTEX 70v also offers a wide spectral range extension from the very far IR (terahertz) through the mid IR, near IR and visible spectral ranges. Time resolved studies from seconds to nanoseconds are possible with the rapid scan and step-scan options. The VERTEX 70v is capable of handling Bruker's complete line of external accessories including FT-Raman, FT-IR microscopy and imaging, TGA-FTIR, fiber optic probes, and many more sample compartment sampling accessories.

In addition to the extensive capabilities and unmatched sensitivity the VERTEX 70v offers unparalleled ease-of-use, with a wide range of features that includes the Bruker Artificial Intelligence Network (BRAIN), Automatic optical Component Recognition (ACR), Automatic Accessory Recognition (AAR), and a Plug & Play Ethernet connection. With such extensive capabilities, unmatched performance, and ease-of-use, The VERTEX 70v redefines the concept of a mid-priced research grade FT-IR spectrometer.