Bruker Optics Introduces the new MultiRAM Stand-alone FT-Raman Spectrometer

03 Mar 2008
Bruker Optics’ new MultiRAM sets a new standard in high performance FT-Raman spectrometers. The MultiRAM is a fully automated Fourier transform Raman spectrometer for demanding research applications in academia, industry, and government labs. It is also a robust instrument that is well suited to the routine, non-destructive analysis of both organics and inorganics, such as nano-materials and pharmaceutical raw products and formulations.

The dual channel MultiRAM is equipped with a 1064 nm laser as the standard excitation source, for the best possible fluorescence suppression. The large sample compartment of the MultiRAM can accommodate an extensive range of pre-aligned sampling accessories, including user friendly video stages, low and high temperatures cells, remote probes, and easy-to-use well plate accessories for high throughput sampling. The MultiRAM can also be upgraded with a unique, hybrid FT and dispersive Raman microscopy platform.

The MultiRAM delivers unsurpassed sensitivity with Bruker Optics’ proprietary ultra high sensitivity detectors that feature very long hold (greater than 5 days) dewars. A room temperature InGaAs detector is available as an alternative for routine applications. The spectrometer and software are both validated and comply with the requirements of 21CFRpart11.

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