Product News: Bruker Optics Introduces the EM 27 Open-path FT-IR for Environmental Monitoring

03 Mar 2008

At Pittcon 2008, Bruker Optics introduces its new EM 27, an open-path FT-IR spectrometer for environmental air monitoring. Providing laboratory grade analysis performance, the EM 27 can easily be deployed in the field for various applications and has an operating range of up to several kilometers. It is specifically designed to observe air polution, emissions from smoke stacks, diffuse emissions from waste disposal sites, or hazardous emissions from chemical accidents. The EM 27 is ready to help government officials enforce enviromental regulatory compliance.

The lightweight EM 27 system includes an infrared radiation analyzer based on the proven Bruker RockSolid™ interferometer. An internal calibration source provides self-test and self-calibration capabilities for radiometric measurements. The system is designed to be resistant to mechanical shocks, vibrations and temperature extremes. In order to cover a wide range of field applications, the EM 27 has two different system configurations. The passive detection mode measures the infrared signatures naturally emitted by chemical emissions. The active mode detection measures the absorption signatures using transmitted light from an active infrared source. Optional detectors are available to improve the detection limits and extend the capabilities of the system.