Product News: Bruker Expands Cooperation with Aspect Imaging on High-Performance Desktop MRI System for Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Site Preclinical and Molecular Imaging

05 Apr 2012

At the Annual Meeting of the American Cancer Association 2012 (AACR) in Chicago, Bruker Corporation today announced the expanded cooperation with Aspect Imaging on manufacturing and distributing the Icon™, a new easy-to-use 1 Tesla desktop magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner that combines simplicity with compact dimensions, bringing preclinical MRI within reach of a broader range of molecular imaging laboratories. With its innovative cryogen-free permanent magnet from Aspect Magnet Technologies, and high-performance AVANCE™ III spectrometer technology with industry-leading preclinical MRI software ParaVision® from Bruker, the new Icon system delivers powerful performance and ease of use at an attractive price point.

This new closer cooperation in the preclinical MR imaging market is underlined by a joint booth presence at AACR, enabling the distribution and sales channels for Icon to be expanded through sales colleagues from Aspect, increasing Bruker’s ability to cover the huge demand for compact high performance systems in this emerging market.

Icon is a state-of-the-art yet cost-effective MRI instrument for routine preclinical and molecular imaging in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Bruker’s MRI software ParaVision is the recognized industry standard, guaranteeing access to a wide range of acquisition and processing tools for in vivo and material science MRI applications. Optional software modules enable the Icon to perform the very latest MRI applications, such as relaxometry mapping, fast echo-planar imaging, ultra-short echo time lung imaging or contrast agent research. As an educational tool, students find the ParaVision™ software intuitive, whether used to perform research imaging protocols, or to learn programming of MRI methods.

Uri Rapoport, CEO of Aspect Imaging stated: ”Aspect Imaging sees the expanded collaboration with Bruker as a major step forward for Aspect, and a recognition of Aspect’s breakthrough technology. I’m sure that there is a very large potential for introducing a 1T permanent magnet MRI system in the fields of contrast agent usage and development of hyperpolarization applications. The intended collaboration between Aspect and Bruker will yield very innovative and productive solutions.”

Dr. Wulf I. Jung, Managing Director at Bruker BioSpin commented: “High-performance desktop MRI systems have the potential to deliver new research applications to the field of preclinical and molecular imaging. The Icon system is aimed at easy, routine MRI workflows with a compact footprint, low running costs, no magnetic stray fields and push-button imaging performance. Based on the latest Bruker spectrometer and software technology, Icon is enabling new research groups to enter this fascinating field of preclinical and materials MRI.”