Product News: Carestream Molecular Imaging Expands KODAK X-SIGHT Nanosphere Conjugates Product Line

02 Jun 2008

Carestream Molecular Imaging, a division of Carestream Health, Inc., today announced KODAK X-SIGHT Nanosphere Conjugates labeled with Streptavidin, expanding the KODAK X-SIGHT Imaging Agent family of products. This new product provides an effective means for life science researchers to detect biotinylated probes in fluorescent molecular biology research applications. These Streptavidin conjugates are fully biocompatible and ideal for both in vivo and in vitro applications, providing outstanding photostability and brightness.

The new KODAK X-SIGHT Nanosphere Conjugates labeled with Streptavidin will be offered in four distinct wavelengths from ultraviolet (UV) to near infrared (near IR). They provide an incredibly bright and robust platform for translating molecular imaging experiments from in vitro to in vivo applications.

“Our novel family of X-SIGHT Nanospheres is gaining traction among life science researchers due to its organic composition and superior performance,” said Stephanie Chiang, Worldwide Director, Imaging Agent Business, Carestream Molecular Imaging. “Streptavidin is a popular protein used by many life science and medical researchers as a secondary detection reagent, and we expect this new conjugate to provide a safe and effective means for detecting biotinylated probes in fluorescent molecular imaging applications.”

The KODAK X-SIGHT imaging agent family also includes KODAK X-SIGHT Nanospheres and KODAK X-SIGHT Large Stokes Shift Dyes, which are also offered in a variety of conjugated forms. While the KODAK X-SIGHT Imaging Agents have been optimized for KODAK In-Vivo Imaging Systems and KODAK Image Stations, they are compatible with other commercially available digital imaging systems. The KODAK X-SIGHT Imaging Agent product line further expands the breadth of leading edge solutions offered by Carestream Molecular Imaging to help accelerate life science and drug discovery research. 

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