Product News: Carestream Molecular Imaging’s Latest Gel Documentation System Makes In Vitro Scientific Imaging A Snap

01 Jun 2009

Performing everyday in vitro scientific imaging applications is fast and easy with Carestream Molecular Imaging’s next-generation, fully automated gel imaging system. Featuring a redesigned user interface, improved look-and-feel and major productivity enhancements, including auto-focus and auto-exposure, the Gel Logic 212 PRO Imaging System enables researchers to capture perfectly exposed images in just a few clicks.

The new system—expected to be available for purchase by early summer—is ideal for documenting and analyzing fluorescent, colorimetric data in sample formats such as gels (e.g., DNA, Coomassie and silver stain), membranes and 96 well plates.

“The user-friendly, intuitive software of the Gel Logic 212 PRO makes it much easier to use than other systems I have experienced,” said Brian Foster, University of Washington School of Dentistry. “I was most impressed with the flexibility of the illumination sources, which allowed us to extend the use of the system to additional assays in our lab.”

The Gel Logic 212 PRO Imaging System is designed for medium-to-large labs in which workflow, high-sample throughput, safety and high-quality image analysis are critical. Key features and benefits include: 

• True 12-bit data capture – Scientific-grade, 1.4 million-pixel CCD camera can accumulate up to 12 bits of data, resulting in more detail and higher accuracy. Researchers can detect and quantify very dim as well as very bright signals (e.g. bands) in the same image. 

• Auto-focus and easy-illumination – Focuses perfectly on samples with exposure levels automatically adjusted to optimize image quality without saturations. Lighting options are motorized, enabling illumination to be quickly adjusted via virtual controls. 

• Motorized lens with 6x zoom – An 8-48mm motorized lens combines with a 1.4 mega-pixel CCD to offer automated focus and excellent resolution for small sample imaging. 

• Available white light trans-illuminator – LED-based white light source offers high uniformity and strong adjustable illuminations of samples.

“We redesigned our core gel documentation system from the ground up, with the aim of making fundamental imaging applications that researchers perform every day easier and more reliable,” said Craig Smith, Global Product Manager, In Vitro Systems, Carestream Molecular Imaging. “It delivers superb image quality, high performance and ease-of-use not previously seen in this class of gel documentation systems—all at an affordable price.”

The system will also be upgradeable for imaging a wider array of samples including chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and chromogenic gels, blots, and plates. All Carestream Molecular Imaging Gel Logic systems ship with Carestream Molecular Imaging Software to optimize performance and quantitative analysis capabilities. For more information including a full list of features and benefits, follow the company article webpage link on the right hand side of the screen.