Product News: RTS Life Science Launches Tube Auditor with High Speed Volume Measurement and Precipitate Detection

01 Feb 2010

RTS Life Science unveiled the new Tube Auditor instrument at LabAutomation 2010. The bench-top instrument features unique vision technology, enabling fast and accurate volume measurement of samples and the detection of precipitate in sample tubes.

Knowing the volume of sample in a source tube, and any presence of precipitate, is key to avoiding screening empty wells or samples at the wrong concentration. Visitors to the RTS Life Science booth at the show were able to see a full 96-way SBS tube rack audited in less than 2 minutes, significantly faster than alternative methods such as weighing.

For Compound Management, High Throughput Screening and Bio-banking applications, the significant benefits would be in reducing downstream costs from processing of empty plate wells and increased confidence in sample concentration. In addition, the ability to work with capped tubes ensures sample quality isn’t compromised and damage to liquid handling tips by failed de-cap operations is avoided.

Units are currently on order from 3 of the top 10 pharma and a major US Biobank. For more information ‘request info’ or visit the webpage.