Product News: RTS Life Science Announces Availability Of New A-Range Automated Storage Systems Product Literature

18 Mar 2009

RTS Life Science, a worldwide supplier of automated sample management and drug delivery testing systems, has announced the availability of its A-Range of automated sample storage systems.

Product literature detailing the full range of solutions is now available to download via the Sample Management literature library by following the company article webpage link on the right hand side of the screen. 

RTS' A-Range of automated sample storage systems makes extensive use of industrial quality robotics, combined with powerful but user-friendly software, to offer flexible solutions for small sample collections through to multi-million sample libraries.

The RTS A2 is the smallest store in the A-Range, specifically designed for collections up to 150,000 samples, but where the benefits of cherry-picking and improved environmental control are still required. This modular solution, utilizing industry standard robotics, can be quickly installed and has minimal facilities requirements. The A2 is thus a reliable, flexible and cost-effective entry point to automated sample storage and retrieval, and is ideally suited for academic organizations or smaller research groups.

For larger pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academic research institutes, the RTS A3 SmaRTStore is an ideal sample management solution. With the ability to store upto 360,000 samples in a very small footprint, the A3 offers the highest storage density in its class. Suitable for storing compounds or DNA, and with multi-format storage and picking capability as standard, the A3 sets new standards for quality and reliability. For companies with slightly higher capacity needs, the A3+ model is an extended version of the A3, offering an additional 50% storage capacity.

For applications where a central archive or satellite storage system is required, the RTS A4 is an ideal solution. Utilizing vertical-lift technology the A4's flexible configurability enables up to 2,000,000 samples to be stored in a very small footprint. Its multi-format capability allows the storage of plates, tubes and vials in the same unit, with options for multi-floor level configurations.

Finally, the RTS A5 systems support large scale compound management by utilizing narrow-aisle robots to access banks of high-density storage racking. Both the A5 Compact Store and A5 Sample Store are at the premium end of the RTS product range, with both solutions providing space-efficient storage for a wide-range of sample types under a variety of storage conditions.

With more than 25 years experience in the supply of automated systems, RTS has developed a range of automated storage solutions suitable for life science and biotechnology organizations of all sizes. Ranging from the A2 automated store for small sample libraries to the A5 storage systems for large scale archives and working stores, the A-Range offers a comprehensive range of solutions to suit all levels of requirement.

Sample storage, retrieval and preparation is one of the single most time-consuming activities for analytical scientists working in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research laboratories today. The use of an automated storage system helps to increase sample throughput and enable accurate, reliable retrieval of samples. A stable and controlled low temperature environment ensures the integrity of all stored samples, while error-prone manual storage and retrieval activities are avoided.