Product News: Brookfield Engineering Offers New Material Choices for Powder Flow Tester Shear Cell Kits

03 Jan 2014

Brookfield Engineering is now offering Shear Cell Kits with new material choices for use with their PFT Powder Flow Tester. These new material options provide the customer with selections to better simulate the actual working conditions with the equipment on the plant floor. This yields more accurate sample testing resulting in less down time on the production floor.

The standard Shear Cell Kit includes a Trough and Lid milled from 304 stainless steel. Now these components are available in mild steel, 316 stainless steel, and Tivar. These new Shear Cell Kits are generally available for delivery in less than two weeks. In addition to these materials, Brookfield can also produce custom shear cell kits made to a customer’s material specifications.

The Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester utilizes shear cell methodology to measure the flow behavior of industrial powders in gravity fed converging hoppers. The powder sample is placed in the trough or “chamber.” A choice of lids with either vane pockets or a smooth surface finish are then used to compress the powder to a defined “consolidating stress”. The shearing action of the lid against the powder at the interface plane with the trough generates a shear stress which is measured as the yield stress or “failure strength” for powder movement.

Brookfield also offers these new material options for the Small Volume Shear Cells (requiring only 43cc of powder). For additional information about Brookfield’s PFT and the new Shear Cell kits, click on the company website link below.