Product News: New “Bleach Resistant” Cell-Culture Aspiration Systems from BrandTech® Scientific

27 Mar 2013

BrandTech® proudly introduces a full line of BVC biofluid aspiration systems from VACUUBRAND® for use in cell culture and other biology applications. Three different designs are available; each with a choice of an autoclavable polypropylene container or a safety-coated glass bottle for bleach resistance; for safe, sensitive and efficient aspiration.

Choose from the unpowered “Basic” version with automatic valve to reduce demand to a central vacuum system, the powered “Control” version with touch-screen vacuum level control, or the “Professional” model, which adds an external liquid level sensor. Powered versions are equipped with a robust VACUUBRAND® chemistry-design vacuum pump for the ultimate in quiet reliability. The included VacuuHandControl (VHC) provides thumb-pressure control for precise aspiration and keeps all fluid within the aspiration tubing for containment and cleaning convenience.

All models feature an autoclavable hydrophobic 0.2µm bio-filter to protect the vacuum supply and laboratory environment from biohazardous aerosols.

Visit BrandTech® at AACR booth #2025 for a demonstration.