Product News: Bosch Showcases New Packaging Solutions for Manufacturers of All Sizes at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013

18 Jul 2013

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013, Bosch Packaging Technology is presenting several new technologies that broaden its portfolio which serves the food, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. All machines are designed for easy integration with existing Bosch technology, giving manufacturers the benefit of a single-source supplier for their entire packaging line. In particular, the company is making the global launch of its latest state-of-the-art vertical bagger platform, designed for enhanced hygiene and customization. Bosch is also launching its new product distribution system, a modular direct-depositing pullnose station able to handle a wide variety of products and designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Bosch will showcase two new entry-level solutions for small- to midsized businesses looking to automate their packaging. The new Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper is ideal for this segment because it offers the widest product size range currently available on wrappers of comparable price points. The machine features a low-maintenance, all-servo-motor design that has the flexibility to facilitate quick and easy setup and changeovers, while reducing product and film waste during operation.

The second new entry-level solution on display at the show is the SVI 2600, a vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine designed for growing confectionery, snack, grains, and other manufacturers. Reliable, high-efficiency operation is guaranteed with a number of the same Bosch technologies found on higher-end baggers, such as servo-driven cross-sealing units, vacuum-film belts, and Beckhoff/Rexroth controls. The intermittent motion bagger can produce pillow, gusseted and block bottom bags at rates of up to 120 bags per minute and is available with options such as hole punch and gas flushing.

“Our new entry-level packaging solutions allow Bosch to serve small- to midsized businesses to help them reach their production goals and growth targets,” said Paul Garms, product and marketing manager, Bosch Packaging Technology.

In addition, Bosch will display the SVE 2520, a continuous-motion vertical bagger upgraded with new Allen-Bradley (AB) controls. These enhancements facilitate a more straightforward software design for easy troubleshooting and optimized motion profiles for smoother machine running and enhanced overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Bosch will eventually offer the new AB controls option across its full SVE VFFS product line. The SVE 2520 follows the standard industry programming structure, OMAC PackML. The machine also features Bosch’s standard human machine interface (HMI) layout with intuitive icon-based navigation for easy operation and short training time.

Bosch’s technology and services will be on show at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013, in Central Hall, booth C-1900 from September 23 to 25.