Product News: New upgrade for the Lyostat3 Freeze Drying Microscope

27 Mar 2013

Freeze drying microscopy is an established technique for identifying critical formulation parameters. Historically this included just collapse temperature (Tc) and eutectic melting temperature (Teu), but BTL’s latest generation microscope, Lyostat3, also enables identification of crystallization phenomena, the potential for skin/crust formation, and the effects of annealing on ice crystal growth and solute structure. This information is vital for successful formulation and process development.

The latest upgrade is the analyzer collar and tint plate assembly. This is designed to fit onto the imaging station and enables users to view their samples with polarized light and a 1st order red filter to enable more in-depth analysis of the crystal structures with the frozen samples. With the false color applied to the analysis it is now even easier to determine the critical temperature of your samples. Analysis without the polarizing setup also can be undertaken whenever required.

The analyzer collar and tint plate assembly is used in conjunction with the optical imaging station. In standard upright microscopes, the objective lens is very close to the sample, making loading and unloading awkward. With the imaging station, the viewing optics are mounted in a hinged arm that tilts out of the way, giving unrestricted access to the sample.

The assembly can be retrofitted to existing imaging stations, and will be offered as standard with all new Lyostat3+ systems.