Product News: Bioo Scientific Launches Next Generation Nucleic Acid Delivery Agent

24 Oct 2012

Bioo Scientific, a world leader and innovator in the life science industry, is raising the bar for delivering nucleic acids with the release of NextFect 2012, the “Next Generation Transfection Agent”.

NextFect 2012 can be used in both cell culture and in animal systems, thereby streamlining the processes of understanding cellular activity in vitro, and of confirmation of activity in complex animal systems. The results of this workflow enhancement will shorten the time to translation of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and genetic engineering approaches into clinical markets.

The NextFect 2012 reagent has the ability to efficiently deliver both DNA and RNA molecules through cell membranes in a wide distribution of cell types, with low toxicity. NextFect 2012 has been shown to perform well in situations ranging from transient transfection for recombinant protein production, to stable transfection to achieve gene inhibition in cell culture and in animal models. NextFect 2012 will revolutionize the delivery of nucleic acids in a wide range of experimental systems.