Product News: Unique Vortexer/Centrifuge Combination from Bioneer®

18 Feb 2011

Bioneer introduces the ExiSpin™, the first system of its kind that combines the functions of a vortexer and a centrifuge into a single, indispensable product. The ExiSpin can be programmed to function as a vortexer, a micro-centrifuge, or set to a sequential spin/vortex/spin (SVS) mode to resuspend samples and mix enzyme reactions.

The ExiSpin comes complete with 2 rotors for your convenience, a 12 place rotor for micro-centrifuge tubes and a 32 place rotor for 4 x 8 strip PCR tubes. Use it to resuspend bacterial pellets, DNA RNA and
The ExiSpin is backed by a comprehensive 2 year warranty and is priced for value. Contact Bioneer today for more information and make an appointment for our comprehensive “30-second” demo.