Product News: Gas Controller for Live Cell Assays in Microplates Launched

08 May 2012

Responding to increased demand for microplate-based live cell assays, BioTek introduces the Gas Controller for Synergy™ Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Readers. The Gas Controller allows control and monitoring of CO2 and O2 levels in the reader, and along with the advanced temperature control and orbital shaking, makes up the CellControl™ system designed to provide the optimal physiological environment for live cell-based assays.

Synergy Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Readers are equipped with quadruple monochromator optics and filter-based optics to support top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-Vis absorbance and high performance luminescence measurements. The Gas Controller and Dual Reagent Injectors round out the features available in this versatile multi-mode system, suitable for a wide variety of applications in Life Science and Drug Discovery research.