Product News: BioMicroLab Introduce New Automation Solutions at SBS 2011

04 Apr 2011

BioMicroLab continues to grow its product line of laboratory robotics for sample management. BioMicroLab is a supplier of laboratory robotics focusing on automation solutions for drug discovery companies, biobanks, tissue banks, and biotech organizations. BioMicroLab is introducing two new automation solutions at SBS 17th Annual Conference and Exhibition.

The new XL20 LevelCheck module scans and reports tube sample volume while processing tubes with the XL20 Tube Handling Instrument. The LevelCheck improves overall quality of screening results by providing laboratories reliable sample volume data about their source microtubes. The XL20 Tube Handling Instrument provides automation for scanning 2D barcodes, cherry-picking tubes, weighing tubes, and now the LevelCheck module adds fast sample volume data collection capabilities. The LevelCheck module is compatible with capped or uncapped tubes from Matrix, Micronic, and ABgene, and existing XL20 Tube Handling Instruments can be easily upgraded.

The XL100 Vial Handling Instrument now includes liquid handling. BioMicroLab has integrated a second z-axis and mounted the Biohit rLine 200uL pipette. This allows BioMicroLab to offer automated single channel electronic pipetting as a new module for the XL100 Vial Handling Instrument.

Laboratories can now integrate their tube and vial handling with basic and advanced laboratory liquid handling tasks. This also offers the ability to integrate the XL100 in-line weighing or vial decapping functions with liquid handling. Taken as a whole, liquid handling with the XL100 broadens the versatility of the XL100 to include sample preparation for a variety of applications.

All BioMicroLab products, including the XL100 Vial Handing Instrument, XL20 Tube Handling Instrument, XL9 Tube Handling Instrument, SampleScan 2D Readers, and VolumeCheck are designed and manufactured at BioMicroLab's headquarters in Concord, California.

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