Product News: Symbolics LLC Receives US Patent for Proprietary Method for Generation of 2 Dimensional Array Features in Lateral Flow Assays

10 Oct 2013

Symbolics LLC, a joint venture of BioDot Inc and DCN Inc has received a US patent on its method for generating arrays of reagents in lateral flow and other rapid assay formats that will facilitate multiplexing, quantification and more user-friendly result interpretation.

“The Symbolics™ process, based on high fidelity dispensing of capture reagents at precise density, location and size in lateral flow membranes is anticipated to facilitate a wide variety of new applications in lateral flow, and to broaden the market for the rapid assay format”, said Dr. Brendan O’Farrell, co-inventor of the technology with Dr. Tom Tisone.

Said Dr. Tisone, “We are expecting Symbolics™ to offer our sector a significant advance in lateral flow technology to help meet the next generation of customer requirements, namely improved quantification and sensitivity, multiplexing and intuitive result interpretation. Lateral flow technology is under-utilized in many applications and markets. Using the presence or absence of a line limits the ability to multiplex and quantify. Symbolics™ technology pixilates reagents into membranes allowing for the generation of results in a variety of formats including alpha numeric symbols, lines in the direction of flow, and low, medium or high density spot arrays. This is expected to enable new multiplexed applications such as food pathogen testing, allergy testing, traumatic brain injury, and kidney or cardiac biomarker panels. It will also allow for improved quantification, and the creation of intuitive results in the form of words, letters or numbers that can be easily interpreted, either with or without the use of digital reader systems, facilitating new consumer applications".

Licenses are available from Symbolics LLC to issued patents and pending applications for this patented processing technology.

A complete solution for application development and manufacturing process development is available through services and equipment offered by DCN Inc and BioDot Inc, respectively, should companies wish to avail of that opportunity.

About Symbolics LLC
Symbolics LLC is the owner of the patented and patent pending Symbolics™ manufacturing process technology. Symbolics™ is available for license through Symbolics LLC.