Product News: NEW Line of Portable Tube & Plate Thermoadaptive Modules

21 Jul 2008

BioCision, LLC, located in the Bay Area, has introduced a NEW line of portable tube and plate thermoconductive modules.

Organizing samples during heating or cooling procedures can be difficult. Losing a sample can cost dearly.

CoolSystem™, BioCision's NEW line of tube and plate cooling and heating modules now solves those problems, and ensures that each sample is kept organized at the precise temperature all day.

Organization of dozens of samples with a CoolSystem™ lets you protect and find tubes quickly.
The ThermalTray gives a stable, temperature-constant platform for a variety of tube and plate modules that never sink into the ice or water bath. It eliminates floating, lost or contaminated sample tubes.

CoolSystems™ work with any temperature media - Ice, Dry Ice, Water Baths, Heat Plates, Liquid Nitrogen - to keep the samples at controlled, constant temperature all day.