Product News: Alcohol-Free Solution for all Cell Freezing Procedures

28 Sep 2010

The modular CryoPrep System from BioCision offers a complete solution for all cell freezing procedures, including ice-free cooling to convenient portability of cell samples and a controlled rate of freezing without alcohol. The CryoPrep system comprises three precision designed and manufactured products – CoolBox, CoolRack™ CFT and CoolCell – based on BioCision’s novel patent-pending thermo-adaptive alloy.

The innovative CoolBox system fits all 30-well CoolRacks Cryotubes and comes with a 2°C cartridge for ice-free cell sample cooling. The cartridges consist of a gel pack with thermo-conductive alloy shell which enables fast cooling and recharge in a standard –20ºC lab freezer.

The 30-well CoolRack CFT features a micro-grip taper which holds any 12.5mm cryotubes securely for convenient one-handed opening and closing. CoolRack’s high thermo-conductivity ensures rapid and reproducible equilibration of all wells to within 0.1ºC of the source temperature. In addition to eliminating temperature variability and providing stable, compact organisation, CoolRack saves valuable time and reduces user errors and accidents commonly associated with directly immersing tubes in dry ice, dry ice/alcohol slurries or liquid nitrogen.

CoolCell holds 12 screw cap 2ml cryotubes and features a solid thermal core for consistent, controlled –1ºC/minute cell freezing in a –80ºC freezer, without any alcohol. Requiring only minutes between freezing cycles and no maintenance, CoolCell is ideal for multiple batch freezing, ensuring identical freezing for all samples. The result is increased reproducibility and superior cell viability and function for scientific, clinical and diagnostic procedures. Because of the low thermal mass design, CoolCells release only one-third the heat given off by an alcohol-filled container. This means multiple CoolCells may be frozen simultaneously in a –80°C freezer without warming up the freezer or jeopardizing previously frozen samples.

According to Tiina Sepp, VP of New Product Development, BioCision, ‘The CryoPrep System is an ideal workstation set for ice-free cold cryo vial preparation and alcohol-free cell freezing, enhancing both efficiency and reproducibility. Up to 30 cryo vial samples can be kept cold and dry using CoolRack and CoolBox, before freezing 12 samples per CoolCell in a –80°C freezer or dry ice locker. Versatility is also a key benefit of this modular system. For example, compact design and ice-free cartridge technology make CoolRack and CoolBox the perfect choice for use in tissue culture hoods, but dry ice, wet ice or liquid nitrogen may also be used as cooling sources.’