Product News: Save Time and Reduce Errors in Analyzing xMAP Multiplex Data

03 Jan 2012

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., introduces Bio-Plex Data Pro software for managing, comparing, and visualizing xMAP multiplex immunoassay data sets across multiple instrument runs. The data management and visualization tool is designed to save researchers time and reduce errors during data analysis whilst being able to organize large data sets.

"Multiplex platforms produce a lot of data, and until now, customers lacked the appropriate tools to quickly draw conclusions from this exceptional amount of information," said Todd Yeck, Bio-Rad Product Marketing Manager, Bio-Plex Business Unit. "Bio-Plex Data Pro automates common calculations in an interface that uses language relevant to biologists, which drastically reduces the time spent translating complex data into biologically meaningful results."

Using Bio-Plex Data Pro, researchers are able to organize large data sets from multiple instrument runs, automate data processing tasks, and compare data sets. Data can be displayed in several graphical formats, including scatter plots, bar graphs, and box-and-whisker plots.

More than half of the instruments that run xMAP assays run Bio-Rad’s Bio-Plex Manager software for use in data collection, protocol setup, calibration, and verification. Bio Plex Data Pro complements Bio-Plex Manager™ and is compatible with other software packages used on the xMAP platform. Combined, these software products can process and compare data from any life science xMAP platform, including MAGPIX and Bio Rad’s Bio-Plex 200 system and Bio-Plex 3D systems.

Bio-Rad offers instruments, assays, and software for multiplexing immunoassays on the xMAP platform. Bio-Plex Pro assays deliver significant advantages over other xMAP and ELISA offerings, including broader working assay range, faster assay run time, and the flexibility to order premixed or customized panels.

Visit the company article page for more information about Bio-Plex Data Pro software.