Bio-Rad Introduces iScript™ Advanced cDNA Synthesis Kit for RT-qPCR
15 Aug 2011

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.’s new iScript Advanced cDNA synthesis kit for RT-qPCR allows researchers to generate more real-time PCR data from a single 20 µl reverse transcription reaction for their gene expression analyses.

With a maximum capacity of 7.5 µg of input RNA, the iScript Advanced cDNA synthesis kit for RT-qPCR surpasses the capacity of its nearest rival by two micrograms. The ability to use more RNA in a reaction means researchers can:
• Improve reproducibility (a single RT reaction is diluted for qPCR analysis of all target genes, including housekeeping genes)
• Reduce cost per qPCR data point (several-fold higher RNA input with minimal increase of RT cost per reaction)
• Increase sensitivity for certain target genes (low copy targets can be detected within standard number of qPCR cycles)

The iScript Advanced cDNA synthesis kit for RT-qPCR offers additional advantages over competitor kits in terms of simplicity and speed. The kit has only two essential components: an iScript Advanced reaction mix and an iScript Advanced reverse transcriptase. The protocol takes only 35 minutes. By contrast, competitor cDNA synthesis kits contain up to seven components, and some “two-tube kits” recommend an additional optional step, resulting in a protocol that requires an hour or more to complete.

The iScript Advanced cDNA synthesis kit for RT-qPCR offers excellent sensitivity and efficiency in both real-time PCR (using SYBR Green, EvaGreen, or probes) and conventional RT-PCR.

The iScript Advanced cDNA synthesis kit is part of the iScript family of products formulated for efficient and sensitive reverse transcription over a wide linear dynamic range of input RNA for real-time qPCR. Available products include:
• The original two-tube iScript cDNA synthesis kit for reverse transcription of standard total RNA inputs between 1 µg and 1 pg
• The iScript reverse transcription supermix, a streamlined (1 tube) version for improved reproducibility and high-throughput applications
• The iScript Select kit, which enables a choice of priming strategies, including gene-specific priming, for standard total RNA inputs between 1 µg and 1 pg

For more information on the iScript family, please see the company article page.

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