Product News: Bio-Rad Introduces Precision Melt Supermix for Robust High Resolution Melt Performance

05 Oct 2011

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.’s new Precision Melt Supermix delivers robust high resolution melt (HRM) performance for sensitive and accurate detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and CpG methylation for epigenetic studies. The PCR reagent is compatible with all HRM-capable thermal cyclers.

Traditional genotyping methods, such as denaturing high-pressure liquid chromatography (dHPLC) and single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP), can involve lengthy protocols and require multiple days for completion. Probe-based genotyping can be expensive, especially for large numbers of SNPs. HRM is a simple, rapid, and inexpensive alternative for studying genetic variation.

Precision Melt Supermix was optimized specifically for accurate, robust, and reproducible HRM discrimination. By employing the saturating EvaGreen dye, which is required for detection of class III/IV SNPs, the supermix discriminates all four SNP classes across a broad range of amplicons. This allows for any genomic region to be studied, regardless of amplicon length and GC content. The supermix is also fully compatible with bisulfite-converted DNA and allows for accurate detection of CpG methylation status.

Furthermore, Precision Melt Supermix’s room temperature stability allows researchers to screen thousands of samples using Bio-Rad’s CFX96 Touch™ or CFX384 Touch™ real-time PCR systems with the CFX automation system for high-throughput HRM analysis.

Precision Melt Supermix is part of Bio-Rad’s suite of HRM analysis products, including Precision Melt Analysis™ software and the CFX96 Touch and CFX384 Touch real-time PCR systems. Bio-Rad also offers a free tech note titled “A Practical Guide to HRM Analysis Genotyping” to help researchers generate reproducible and robust HRM data.

For more information on Bio-Rad’s Precision Melt Supermix, visit the company article page.