Product News: Bio-Rad Announces Availability of a Western Blotting Standard and Chemiluminescent Detection Kit for Protein Size and Expression Analysis

05 Apr 2007

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., a multinational manufacturer and distributor of life science research products and clinical diagnostics, today announced the release of a broad-range, prestained chemiluminescent protein standard and a chemiluminescent detection kit for protein sizing and expression analysis.

The Precision Plus Protein™ WesternC™ standards offers ten prestained protein bands that can also be detected through chemiluminescent western blotting. The Immun-Star WesternC kit is a complementary chemiluminescent detection kit that is optimized for CCD imaging of the WesternC standards and protein samples. Currently, Bio-Rad offers a sample size of both the WesternC standard and the Immun-Star WesternC kit.

Bio-Rad envisions that the Precision Plus Protein WesternC standard will become the leading western blotting standard in all areas of biological research. The complementing Immun-Star™ WesternC™ kit will further establish Bio-Rad as a leading provider of protein standards and allow users to visualize the standards on CCD imagers.

The Precision Plus Protein WesternC Standard
Applicable for all 1-D gel electrophoresis experiments, the Precision Plus Protein WesternC Standard combines the convenience of prestained bands with western blot detection. This allows users to monitor electrophoresis progress, assess transfer efficiency and direct visualization of the WesternC standards through Western blotting.

The Precision Plus Protein WesternC standard offers ten prestained protein bands over the same broad range as all Precision Plus Protein standards, i.e. from 10 to 250 kD. The 25, 50 and 75 kD bands are stained pink for easy band reference and blot orientation, with all other bands prestained blue. Each standard has an integral Strep-tag sequence to enable parallel detection on western blots using StrepTactin-HRP conjugates, also provided by Bio-Rad.

Optimized for CCD imagers, the Precision Plus Protein WesternC standards are the sharpest in the industry and ideal for visualization of blots, production of publication-quality images of bands on blots, and accurate molecular weight estimation direction from acquired blot images.

To utilize and complement the Precision Plus Protein WesternC standards, the Immun-Star WesternC kit is specifically designed for CCD imagers. The Immun-Star WesternC kit generates an intense signal immediately that is easily captured and repeatedly imaged by CCD cameras such as Bio-Rad’s Molecular Imager® VersaDoc™ and ChemiDoc™ XRS Systems. The Immun-Star WesternC kit allows researchers to take full advantage of the features offered by their imaging instruments.