Product News: Bio-Rad Adds Bio-Plex Pro™ Mouse Chemokine Panel to Its Line of Multiplex Immunoassays

10 Feb 2017

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. have announced the launch of the Bio-Plex Pro™ Mouse Chemokine Panel, the newest member of its line of magnetic bead–based multiplex immunoassays. The panel enables detection of more samples than any other available assay, allowing researchers to get more data out of each run.

“The most important feature that researchers look for in a chemokine assay kit is the number of samples that can be detected within the assay range, what we call sample detectability,” said Ivan Huang, Bio-Rad Product Manager, Protein Quantitation. “The Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel offers the industry’s highest sample detectability, producing clear and actionable results.”

Traditional research tools and assays allow scientists to investigate one protein at a time, but the Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel offers researchers the ability to map out entire networks of protein biomarkers — up to 33 biologically relevant mouse chemokines and cytokines — in a single run from small amounts of sample. For biopharma and researchers using mouse models to study disease and response to treatment, the panel facilitates high throughput and a highly sensitive study of a variety of biomarkers as well as their roles in diverse biological processes across many areas including oncology, immunology, autoimmunity, and infectious diseases.

Benefits of the Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel include:

  • Increased sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio — delivers improved sample detectability using reagents that are optimized to provide a broad dynamic range
  • Premixed, ready-to-use reagents — streamlines workflow with premixed reagents and a simplified protocol
  • Broad panel coverage — detects a broad number of biologically relevant targets in a single well

The Bio-Plex Pro Mouse Chemokine Panel is a ready-to-use, 1 x 96-well kit containing premixed magnetic capture beads and detection antibodies, standards, and buffers. The panel is compatible with the Bio-Plex® 200, Bio-Plex 3D, and the Bio-Plex® MAGPIX™ platforms.

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