Bertin Technologies’ Second Sight® Securing the Next FIFA World Cup 2014

23 Apr 2014
Second Sight®, the standoff real time gas detector designed by Bertin Technologies for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats, was chosen by the forces of Brazilian civil security to monitor and identify toxic gases during the next FIFA World Cup 2014.

The Second Sight® MS is the perfect solution for critical area surveillance and protection against chemical threats (Chemical Warfare Agent, Toxic Industrial Compounds).

With night and day surveillance capability, Second Sight® MS detects, identifies and visualizes a cloud of dangerous gas in real time at a distance up to 5km.

• The widest monitored field of view
• Early warning by real-time detection in 2 sec
• CWA, TIC & VOC clouds visualization
• Detection up to 5 km

In order to guarantee maximum security for such a world event, Second Sight has been tested in live demonstration by the first responders, alongside the CBRNe symposium in Sao Paulo, in October 2013.

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