Product News: Berthold Launches Apollo ELISA Reader

26 Sep 2012

Berthold Technologies, a specialist in bioanalytical instruments for the research and diagnostics markets, has introduced a new absorbance reader, the Apollo 11.

The instrument is characterized by optimized optics and a modern LED light source which has a principally endless lifetime. Up to 6 filters can be used with the instrument enabling the several important applications to be investigated:

• DNA quantification
• Protein quantification
• Enzyme activity
• β-Galactosidase (reporter gene)
• Alkaline Phosphatase (ELISA)
• Horseradish Peroxidase (ELISA) 

A large dynamic range of 3.7 OD, which more than covers customary assay, the sophisticated optics, the robust mechanical design and the integrated auto-check function guarantee extraordinary accuracy and precision.

A very small footprint similar to a letter format, and the PhotoRead software, which includes all necessary settings and displays needed during operation on a single screen, are additional attractive features of the Apollo 11.