Product News: Enhanced Data Management System Launched by Beckman Coulter

27 Jan 2012

Beckman Coulter has launched a newly enhanced version of its REMISOL Advance v1.5 data management system from Beckman Coulter, Inc. The system now offers improved sample tracking with results archive, which improves laboratory workflow and the result-management process.
The optional Extended Quality Control (EQC) module has also been rewritten to provide better functionality and simplicity for managing controls and reporting through the use of setup wizards that sequentially guide users through steps to configure the system. The integration of REMISOL Advance v1.5 and EQC has been improved to allow the lot status to be saved with patient results.

“REMISOL Advance v1.5 optimizes the lab by potentially reducing medical errors, decreasing turnaround times for results reporting, standardizing laboratory processes and enabling the connectivity of multiple Beckman Coulter instruments through a single point of management,” said Erik Johnson, Beckman Coulter director of product management for clinical information systems.

The new system has new audit and traceability features which allow all events relating to the creation, modification or deletion of a result, to be saved for later reference. There have also been modifications to the user interface which enhance the information gathering process with reorganized menus and the addition of a QC Explorer utility with multiple views and simplified mechanisms.

“The enhanced quality management processes available with this new version help to ensure patient safety and reduce medical errors, enabling physicians to deliver better patient care,” said Johnson.
Beckman Coulter’s application consultants can provide customized solutions to ensure successful implementation of the software with minimal disruption to daily operations, plus ongoing consultation and support to keep labs running at peak efficiency.

New drivers are now included in REMISOL Advance v1.5 for many Beckman Coulter platforms, including the new AU5800 high- to ultra-high-throughput series of chemistry analyzers, which can be coupled with the company’s leading automation platforms for a total lab solution.