Product News: Beckman Coulter Showcases High-Throughput Automation Solutions at AACC

25 Jul 2012

Beckman Coulter showcased its ultra-high throughput, automated chemistry system at AACC last week. The AU5800 is the newest and fastest AU analyzer ever designed, offering true random access capabilities and a throughput ranging from 2,000 to up to 9,800 tests per hour. The solution brings the power of the AU series to the high-volume core hospital laboratory and ultra-high-test volume commercial laboratory market segments.

Attendees were provided with an opportunity to visually explore how Beckman Coulter is dedicated to advancing and optimizing lab workflow for the entire healthcare network. Featured in the booth’s replication of the both the “core lab,” where the AU5800 clinical chemistry system enables labs to deliver quality results with speed and the ability to standardize across the network, and in the “reference lab,” where the system is the company’s fast, reliable and flexible solution to help maximize profits while ensuring the accuracy and integrity of test results.

“Building on the AU family’s solid reputation for high reliability and ease of use, the AU5800 series is designed for quick turnaround of high-volume testing and is combined with a robust menu of reagents — delivering critical benefits to the clinical laboratory,” said John Blackwood, vice president of Product Management, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.

Also on display at the booth was Beckman Coulter’s new UniCel DxH Slidemaker Stainer (DxH SMS) which is the newest instrument in the company’s Coulter Cellular Analysis System.

The DxH SMS prepares slides automatically based on slide orders received from laboratory information systems, using customizable criteria for blood film preparation and adjustable staining protocols with hands-free operation. Utilizing innovative proprietary technology and Lean design principles, the DxH SMS is redefining acceptability in automated slides.

“As the global trend in laboratory consolidation continues, the demand for automating routine laboratory procedures will only increase,” said Ron Hebert, director of hematology and hemostasis product management at Beckman Coulter. “By automating slide making and staining in one module, the DxH SMS provides greater workflow efficiency while lowering costs, speeding up results and increasing productivity.”

The DxH SMS is designed to increase laboratory productivity by providing users with state-of-the-art technology, a reliable system to minimize laboratory downtime and excellent smear quality every time. The instruments require minimal operator intervention and incorporate the same reliable specimen transport and sample aspiration technologies featured in the UniCel DxH 800 Coulter Cellular Analysis System.

“Our focus at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is to provide innovative hematology automation solutions to our customers worldwide,” Hebert added. “The DxH SMS’s modular design, novel technology and small footprint make it the ultimate solution for the Lean lab.”