Product News: BMG LABTECH features the new PHERAstar FS HTS Microplate Reader at Biotechnica 2009

29 Sep 2009

BMG LABTECH will showcase its latest innovation, the PHERAstar FS. This multidetection HTS microplate reader incorporates the following new features: Tandem Technology, which uses highly sensitive, filter based detection in all modes and an industry first, ultra-fast UV/Vis Spectrometer; on-board reagent injectors for precise kinetic measurements; advanced bottom reading for cell-based assays; and a dedicated UV-laser for all TR-FRET/HTRFO®based assays as well as a red laser for high-end AlphaScreen®. Stop by our booth B47 and see BMG LABTECH’s broad line of microplate readers offering an immense range of measurement possibilities.

The Omega series of microplate readers represent the world’s first multidetection plate readers capable of capturing a full UV/Vis absorbance spectrum (220 – 850 nm) at a fantastic resolution of 1 nm.

For very special applications, BMG LABTECH offers dedicated plate readers, such as the NEPHELOstar and SPECTROstar Omega. The NEPHELOstar, the only laser-based microplate nephelometer, is used for solubility testing of compounds as well as for detection of flocculation studies and bacterial growth. The SPECTROstar Omega is an absorbance microplate reader for ELISA and much more. It is also fully upgradeable to a multidetection microplate reader including reagent injectors and Tandem Technology.

BMG LABTECH’s multidetection microplate readers come with the well-known Reader Control and the Data Analysis Software, MARS. The MARS Wizard creates an easy step-by-step calculation of a standard curve and the MARS Template Manager is an excellent tool for building complex data processing protocols. Thus, user-defined data analysis is one mouse click away. Enhanced robotic integration capabilities, digital signature, and the FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance of MARS complete this software package.