Product News: BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES Completes HTRF® Reader Portfolio

15 Apr 2009

The Artemis completes the portfolio as BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is now able to offer the most extensive range of microplate readers with TRF and HTRF® functionality.

The Artemis K-101 has been designed for optimum performance with CISbio´s HTRF®
reagents. The HTRF® approved instrument is extremely easy to use and guarantees
superior performance even with demanding applications

• High energy excitation
• Low background optics
• Dedicated filters
• Wide dynamic range
• High sensitivity
• HTRF® ratio calculation

Starting in 2008, BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES, one of the leading manufacturer of microplate readers for diagnostics, research and drug discovery has taken over the worldwide distribution of Furuno´s Artemis HTRF® microplate reader.

Mithras LB 940, the multi-technology instrument, can offers all comprehensive technologies used in today´s research as luminescence, fluorescence, BRET, AlphaScreen® or time-resolved fluorescence. BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES has based its development on DOPS – Dedicated Optical Path System - to ensure the best available performance for each technology.
Mithras can be supplemented with up to 4 reagent injectors – based on the proven and highly precise and accurate JET injection technology – and a temperature control unit for the microplates.

Instrument and Reading Technologies

Artemis: HTRF®

Mithras HTRF Basic: Luminescence, Fluorescence, TRF, HTRF®

Mithras HTS II: Luminescence, BRET, Fluorescence, VIS Absorbance, Fluorescence Polarisation, AlphaScreen™, TRF, HTRF®

Mithras HTS III: Luminescence, BRET, Fluorescence, UV/VIS Absorbance, Fluorescence Polarisation, TRF, HTRF

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