Product News: BD Diagnostics Launches New Molecular Diagnostic Product Range

21 Aug 2012

BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), has announced the launch of a series of open system extraction and master mix kits for use on the BD MAX™ System. The BD MAX™ ExK™ DNA-1, ExK™ DNA-2 and ExK™ DNA-3 open system extraction kits, and the BD MAX™ DNA MMK (SPC) and BD MAX™ DNA MMK open system master mix kits, work together to standardize testing, offer ease-of-use and improve laboratory workflow.

Optimized for specific sample types, the BD MAX open system extraction kits enable laboratories to standardize and automate user defined protocols. The reagent strips included in the BD MAX ExK DNA-1, ExK DNA-2 and ExK DNA-3 kits are designed to extract DNA from serum/plasma, cerebrospinal fluid/dry swabs and swabs in universal transport medium/urine, respectively. The BD MAX DNA MMK (SPC) kit contains master mix tubes with the primers and probes to detect the sample processing control from the extraction reagents while the BD MAX DNA MMK kit does not include these primers and probes. Both master mixes come in tubes ready to snap into the BD MAX™ reagent strips.

The BD MAX System is an automated, bench-top molecular system designed to perform a broad range of molecular testing, offering unmatched flexibility and versatility. Laboratories can individually program and automate user defined thermocycling and analysis protocols for multiple analytes and targets. Sample lysis and extraction only protocols and PCR only protocols can also be performed.

Launch of the BD MAX ExK DNA-1, ExK DNA-2 and ExK DNA-3 open system extraction kits as well as launch of the BD MAX DNA MMK (SPC) and DNA MMK open system master mix kits further the BD MAX System’s position as a highly versatile molecular testing platform.

For more information on the BD MAX open system extraction kits and master mix kits, please click on the ‘request information’ tab below.