Product News: BD Announces Launch of New Disposable Auto-injectors

14 Nov 2011

The BD Physioject™ is a reliable and cost-effective system, with a number of key benefits which allow for the optimised delivery of subcutaneous injections. The system is easy to use and intuitive, with one-button activation and a 360° view of the drug and injection process.

Claude Dartiguelongue, President, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems, says: “BD is committed to providing high-quality, innovative, highly customisable, cost-effective devices designed specifically to meet chronic disease patients’ needs for safety, comfort and convenience. With BD Physioject™, developed through a robust, patient-centric design process, we aim to improve drug efficacy, the patient experience and treatment compliance.” Clinical trials show that BD Physioject™ provides safety, efficiency, acceptance by patients, and improved pain perception versus the same syringe used by a nurse*.

BD Physioject™ is designed for use in combination with the BD Hypak™ for Biotech syringe, a state-of-the-art primary container optimised for use with biologics. It provides, amongst other benefits, a low level of interaction with such drugs. The complete integrated system offers a high-quality, reliable solution for the self-injection market.

“We are excited to be introducing a new generation of disposable auto-injectors with the launch of BD Physioject™ and we look forward to collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to facilitate the development and launch of self-injection devices, with the common end goal of improving the lives of patients managing chronic diseases,” Ms. Dartiguelongue adds.