Product News: New Perfusion Chambers and Magnetic Tools for Electrophysiology Research

25 Oct 2013

Come visit AutoMate Scientific in booth #2034 at the Neuroscience meeting in San Diego to see their new line of chambers, tools and microscope stage adapters for patch clamping, imaging and biophysics research.

Unheated Perfusion Chambers
One of the most precise and user friendly perfusion chambers ever designed, the AutoMate Scientific QuickStage™ is designed to fit directly into your Zeiss (K & M), Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Siskiyou or Sutter microscope stage or platform. With a simple twist of two locking nuts, the entire stainless magnetic Tool Tray lifts off with all of your magnetic tools still attached. The underlying chamber and coverslip are then free for easy cleaning and replacement. Optical #1 thickness cover slips provide a perfect imaging surface for upright or inverted microscopy. The unheated QuickStage is available with horizontal or vertical diamond, or round chambers with inflow and outflow wells for bubble protection and adjustable liquid level.

Heated Perfusion Chambers
The heated version of the QuickStage uses AutoMate Scientific's popular ThermoClamp® temperature controller to maintain your set temperature from ambient to 50C. Disassembly and cleaning of the heated chamber is just as simple as the unheated version, with a twist of two quick nuts to release the entire stack. The ferro-stainless Tool Tray can be removed and replaced with all of your tubes and electrodes intact. A silicone gasket insures leak-free performance without needing messy grease. Stage heating is even maintained while coverslips are replaced so you can begin recording again sooner.

Dual-channel Temperature Controller
AutoMate Scientific’s new dual-channel ThermoClamp-2 temperature controller can heat and maintain your perfusion chamber between ambient temperature and 50˚C along while also controlling our popular heated Perfusion Pencil® inline heater.

Introductory price of $200 for the unheated QuickStage.
Regular U.S. price of $329 begins January 1, 2014.

Heated QuickStage and chamber with ThermoClamp-1 controller starting at $1500.
Regular U.S. price of $1825 starting January 1, 2014.

Available now!

Microscope Tool Holder
AutoMate Scientific also introduces our new StageHands™ microscope tools: magnetic arms, manifold and tube holders position everything securely near your microscope stage. Build and position them in a configuration to hold your perfusion tubes and electrodes.

Along with AutoMate Scientific’s usual electrophysiology equipment:
Perfusion systems, temperature control
Sutter Instruments manipulators and pullers
Axon Instruments amplifiers, Digidata and pClamp
TMC air tables
Alpha Med multi-electrode arrays
Brain slice chambers
Siskiyou platforms and mechanicals
Hum Bug noise eliminator
and a complete electrophysiology rig in the AutoMate Scientific booth #2034!