Product News: Atomic Force Microscope with the Capabilities of an Inverted Light Microscope

28 Nov 2011

The Agilent 6000ILM AFM integrates the capabilities of an atomic force microscope (AFM) with those of an inverted light microscope (ILM) or an inverted confocal microscope, letting life science researchers go beyond the optical diffraction limit to achieve nanoscale resolution without any special sample preparation.

The 6000ILM allows molecular imaging, live-cell imaging, force studies, and mechanical stimulus studies to be conducted with a single-system solution, all while preserving an efficient workflow. It is ideal for studying cell membranes, the surface structure of cells, single DNA/RNA strands, individual proteins, single molecules, and biopolymers.

Instrument features:

• Easy-to-use solution integrates ILM and AFM capabilities
• Simple point-and-shoot AFM imaging based on optical view
• High-precision overlays of light microscopy and AFM images
• Motorized stage directs movement of sample beneath AFM tip.

Agilent Cary FTIR and IR Microscope
The Agilent Cary 610 and 620 FTIR spectrochemical microscope deliver unmatched single point detection (610) and imaging (620) for biomedical and materials research. The Cary 620 microscope performs at a higher level of sensitivity than the Cary 610 FTIR device providing true Focal Plane Array (FPA) imaging, enabling the collection of hundreds to thousands of spectra simultaneously. This provides unlimited possibilities for a diverse range of applications including polymers/materials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and forensics. A range of accessories are available that extend the function of the microscope and high performance, flexible operating software delivers intuitive and comprehensive imaging control and data manipulation.

The 6000ILM AFM and FTIR and IR will be showcased at the ASCB 2011 Annual Meeting in Denver.

Visit booth: 509 – 511 to find out more.