Product News: New Diagnostics Company from Berlin

07 Dec 2010

Astra Biotech GmbH, Berlin, Germany is a new company whose core focus is the development of innovative diagnostics for the identification of an individual’s predisposition to disease. With this in mind, Astra Biotech GmbH have produced a significant portfolio of assays in areas such as genetically associated disorders, hormonal dysfunctions including fertility tests, allergies, and others.

Key targets so far are for osteoporosis, a condition which affects over 75 million people worldwide and thrombosis, a major fatal disease in developed countries. Other diagnostic kits include one for the determination of an individual’s susceptibility or resistance to oral anticoagulants, predisposition to mental diseases as well as niche and infectious diseases.

Other products include a wide range of convenient ELISA assays offering exceptional value for money to small or medium sized laboratories. A particular focus of Astra Biotech’s ELISA assays are the fertility range along with pre- and neonatal test kits. Astra Biotech are also soon releasing the Educator Series kits for use in teaching analytical procedures without the usual high costs associated with such techniques,

A new array technology for improved hybridisation is expected to become available shortly. This “microarray-on-a-chip” will determine predisposition to a variety of conditions starting with a niche disease.

Astra Biotech GmbH take great pride in producing the highest quality assays by incorporating only certified high purity reagents and by stringent internal quality control procedures. A direct result of this quality approach is that all the assays are IVD compliant being therefore suitable for direct diagnostic purposes and not just for research, unlike many other kits available today.

Alexandra Ghica-Cantacuzino, head of International Sales & Marketing at Astra Biotech GmbH says, “Our contribution is to optimise patient healthcare by early diagnosis of potential risks to individuals though innovative assays. In Astra Biotech we believe laboratories must understand patient needs and be more specific in their approach to the identification of risk factors so that early intervention helps to minimise any long term effects of a disease. Our target is to continue to assist clinicians, doctors, hospital staff and medical oriented laboratories to improve overall healthcare standards“.