Product News: Applied Spectral Imaging Launches Version 7.2 of GenASIs

18 Dec 2012

Applied Spectral Imaging has announced the launch of Version 7.2 of GenASIs – a comprehensive cytogenetic and pathology imaging platform.

GenASIs Version 7.2 introduces major enhancements to ASI’s offering of existing imaging applications and positions ASI as a leader in both cytogenetic and pathology imaging and analysis. The new platform offering includes unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for automated and interactive imaging applications. In addition, GenASIs Version 7.2 includes advance imaging applications from fully automated to fully interactive workflows for tissue FISH and cytogenetic FISH, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) analysis, karyotyping (including automated metaphase finding).

“The introduction of GenASIs 7.2 is our first step in establishing ASI as a leader in automated and interactive pathology and cytogenetic imaging and analysis. We are excited to add Quantitative IHC pathology imaging and analysis, along with other important enhancements, to our flagship platform - GenASIs. This new offering is in line with our strategy to offer clinicians and researchers the most advanced, efficient and accurate instruments supporting advancements in computer-aided analysis for personalized medicine, companion diagnostics, cancer research, diagnostic and other pathology and cytogenetic applications.” said Limor Shiposh, CEO of Applied Spectral Imaging.

The launch of GenASIs Version 7.2 introduces both enhancements as well as new capabilities to the GenASIs imaging and analysis platform. These enhancements include the combining fluorescent and bright-field pathology analysis with both IHC and FISH imaging and analysis in a single platform. Moreover, GenASIs introduces new levels of automation and time-savings adding Microsoft Windows 7 64bit operating system support as well as optimized workflows for fully-interactive FISH spot-counting and enhanced analysis capabilities. Other enhancements include improved laboratory information system (LIS) integration and management tools including detailed audit-trail, backup, recovery and maintenance.

“We have learnt from our customers that combining cytogenetic and pathology analysis adds real value making patient care better and more affordable. Furthermore, our customers have asked for a flexible solution suite supporting fully-automated “walk-away” as well as fully interactive imaging and analysis. We have listened to our customers and are proud to introduce the GenASIs Version 7.2 platforms including our new Go-Path quantitative IHC analysis platform” said Yagil Tzur, Program Director at Applied Spectral Imaging.