Product News: Andor launches iQ3 Multi-Dimension Image Acquisition Software

07 Mar 2014

Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company and a world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, today announced the release of iQ3, the latest version of their multi-dimension image acquisition software. iQ3 offers two major enhancements with a radical new user interface, designed with workflow and rapid configuration in mind, and smart user management, protecting user settings and providing helpful tools for facility managers.

Andor's iQ software has many years of imaging experience and development behind it. Frequently used in laboratories around the world to execute complex imaging protocols, iQ plays a key role in delivering data for leading research publications. However, recognizing that most biologists do not have time to learn a complex user interface, and that live biology frequently demands immediate attention, iQ3 provides a new user interface where all major settings for 6 dimensional imaging can be engaged and accessed quickly.

New user management system

In addition, IQ3's new user management capabilities make life easier for both the user and the facility manager to create and manage personal settings and protect experimental configurations and images between users. The new user management system also tracks usage for technical and financial management. For all users of iQ this means a more efficient work flow and better productivity.

Microscopy is now a routine technique

Dr. Geraint Wilde, Microscopy Systems Product Specialist at Andor, said "We listened to our customer base and understood that a "typical" user of our systems is no longer necessarily an "imaging specialist". Microscopy is now a routine technique for many researchers, and our users need and expect to capture multi-dimensional image sets with a minimum of training and effort. The new user interface has had positive feedback from the customers who have tested it, and our sales team are excited about showing it to the world. The beauty of iQ3 is that the original flexible protocols structure can still be accessed, important for those users who buy iQ due to the power of its multi-modal, multi-phase capabilities."