Product News: Andor Technology Announces Launch of Its iKon-M SY and Newton SY Series of CCD Cameras

07 Mar 2014

Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company and a world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, has announced the launch of the iKon-M SY and Newton SY series of CCD cameras. These ‘standalone’ light tight detectors offer -100°C deep cooling optimized for the soft X-ray region. The light tight Beryllium window is only 200 microns thick giving an 8% increase in transmission at 3 keV over industry-standard 250 micron windows.

These detectors are the cameras of choice for high energy applications that require direct detection of low flux soft X-ray [<2.5 keV to >20 keV] with high spatial resolution, rapid readout iKon-M (5 MHz) and Newton platforms (2 MHz). The 200 micron thick Beryllium window blocks all unwanted lower energies and visible wavelengths with minimal beam hardening. Typical applications include Soft X-ray Imaging and X-ray Fluorescence [XRF]. The detectors are fully integrated and supported in a range of third party software using Andor’s SDK, including MATLab, LABView and EPICs. They can also be operated with Andor’s own standalone software interface, SOLIS.

Colin Duncan, Physical Science Application Specialist at Andor, said; “We have yet again emphasised our credentials as leaders in the field of high energy detection, enhancing these already popular market leading series with outstanding -100°C deep cooling, the UltraVac™ technology delivering the reassurance of superior quality and longevity.”