Product News: Andor Launch the iKon-M – a ‘Shockingly Cool’ Camera for Light Starved Imaging Applications

23 Jan 2007

Andor Technology today announce the launch of the iKon-M CCD camera range, designed to deliver the ultimate in high QE, low noise performance, ideal for demanding light-starved imaging applications.

The deep cooled iKon-M platform offers Multi-Megahertz readout for rapid frame rates acquisition or fast focusing, direct USB 2.0 connectivity to PC, and an integrated C-mount shutter (adaptors to other mounts are readily available). A variety of sensor formats are selectable, including both full frame and frame transfer readout.

The new iKon-M incorporates all the leading features including unparalleled TE cooling performance to -100ºC, up to 95% QE, ultra-low noise floor and software selectable readout speeds (up to 2.5 MHz). Sensor formats up to MegaPixel are available. Andor’s proprietary and proven vacuum process, UltraVac™, is critical for sustained vacuum integrity and provides sensor protection and unequaled cooling year after year.

This latest imaging CCD camera range is the ideal solution for a wide and diverse range of demanding light starved imaging applications including Astronomy, Chemiluminescence / Bioluminescence, High Throughput Screening, Biochip reading, Bose Einstein Condensation, Neutron Radiography, Semi-conductor analysis, HyperSpectral Imaging and Raman Imaging. The integrated C-mount shutter means that the iKon-M can be employed to great effect for low-light microscopy, such as for detection of weak intracellular bioluminescence.

For further information, call by the Andor booth, booth 1727 at Photonics West to discuss your imaging application with the experts or contact Andor Technology.