Product News: Analyzers Designed to Meet Every Need

13 Sep 2012

Instrumentation specialist Ashtead Technology has added the portable Olympus DELTA DS2000 XRF Handheld Metals Analyser to its fleet of rental equipment. Marketing Manager Stewart Curtis says “This means that customers now have access to a range of XRF analyzers for just about any application.”

XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) analyzers enable the chemical, non-destructive analysis of metals in a wide variety of materials. A simple point-and-shoot method means that even relatively inexperienced users can analyze metals content quickly and easily, following the requisite introductory course that is provided by Ashtead Technology.

Applications include quality control in manufacturing, positive material identification, component traceability, metal evaluation in waste management, weld testing, contamination testing of soils and airborne particulates, electrical equipment testing under the RoHS and WEEE directives, the screening of consumer goods for contaminant materials such as lead in paint, toys, packaging etc. and the qualitative analysis of precious metals and jewelry.

Ashtead Technology stocks a range of analyzers that are programmed so that instruments are available for every application. The latest addition, the DS2000 XRF was specifically purchased for a customer that needed to test dust particles within copper pipes. In this application, a cloth is used to wipe the pipes and the DS2000 then measures the copper content of the residue on the cloth. To meet this requirement, Ashtead provided product training and the instrument was programmed for Alloys, Lead in Paint, Dust Wipe, Filter Analysis and Environmental Soils. However, Stewart Curtis says “the analyzer can be programmed for other applications if necessary, so in combination with the other XRF analysers in the fleet, our objective is to be able to meet any need.”