Product News: Analytik Jena Launches Real-Time PCR Devices

25 Oct 2010

Analytik Jena AG introduces two new real-time PCR systems, based on its rapidPCR technology and the standard PCR technology of its subsidiary Biometra.

“The new real-time PCR devices will play a key role in establishing and expanding the dynamic life science segment,” said Klaus Berka, Chairman of the Executive Board of Analytik Jena AG. “It’s important for us to meet the increasing demands of our customers with an extensive product portfolio, and to systematically expand our market position in the field of biotechnology.”

Real-time PCR, which relies on a fluorescent signal quantification tech-nique, has been used for amplifying and detecting DNA and RNA in the field of molecular diagnostics for 10 years and is now an established pro-cedure.

The new real-time PCR procedure was successfully presented for the first time in advance of its official launch to an invited audience of scientific experts during the qPCR Europe conference, which took place from 14 to 15 September in Dublin and was attended by 200 international scientists from the biotechnology and biochemical fields.

“Quantitative real-time PCR is a standard method that is widely used in the field of molecular biology and clinical diagnostics. For users, the key decision criteria now relate increasingly to measurable time and cost savings as well to the issue of efficiency,” adds Berka.

The qTOWER for real-time routine diagnostics is based on an innovative fibre optical system patented by Analytik Jena. The system combines the exceptionally fast rapidPCR with ramping rates of up to 12 °C per second and considerably lower sample consumption down to 5 µl per reaction. This makes the device up to ten times faster than other systems.

The TOptical from Biometra features an interchangeable block system that can be used to upgrade the company’s standard TProfessional PCR device to a real-time PCR device through the addition of the TOptical modular block.

Initial deliveries of the devices, for which orders have already been re-ceived, are due to start during the current calendar year.