Product News: Reduce the Aches and Pains of Pipetting with Good Pipetting Posture – Request Your Free Poster from Anachem

16 Sep 2013

Posture is at the center of almost every ergonomic program that targets physical activities. Keeping work items within easy reach, holding objects close to your body and trying to avoid twisting and bending are some ways that can help you to maintain correct posture, which will help to reduce any aches and pains.

Anachem's new Good Pipetting Posture poster displays the right and wrong ways to sit or stand when pipetting, helping you and the people in your lab to relieve any pain caused when pipetting for long periods of time.

Taking frequent breaks every 20 or 30 minutes to stretch your shoulders, arms and hands can also help to reduce the risk of RSI caused by the repetition of pipetting. Our free Stretch poster shows diagrams with instructions of the different ways you can stretch to ensure that you shake off any stiffness that accumulates after long hours at the bench.

Request your free stretch and posture poster today to help your lab alleviate the stress and strains caused by prolonged pipetting. Email or phone +441582 455135.