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12 Dec 2006

Integra Biosciences AG has selected the forthcoming ArabLab 2007 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE (11-14th February 2007) to showcase its expanding range of easy-to-use and productive laboratory equipment.

For over 20 years INTEGRA Biosciences has actively marketed and supported its range of products throughout the Middle East region through a series of informed specialist distributors. Reflecting their commitment to this important region INTEGRA Biosciences have selected ArabLab 2007 for the international debut of a new state-of-the-art peristaltic pump.

Visitors to stand 560, located in the Swiss Pavilion, will have the chance to see how the new generation DOSE IT pump makes the dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions easy and efficient. An intuitive multilingual user interface, coupled with large ergonomically designed display and keypad, makes the DOSE IT pump extremely simple to program and operate. Providing high accuracy dispensing across a broad range of dose volumes (0.1 ml - 10 L) and flow rates (0.6 ml/min - 5L/ min) the versatility of the DOSE IT reduces the need for a laboratory to have several single purpose pumps.

Technical specialists will also be available to demonstrate the TUBEFILLER - a new option that seamlessly expands the functionality of its popular MEDIAJET media preparation system from an automated Petri dish pourer into a highly productive test tube filler in just a few minutes. TUBEFILLER has been designed, at the push of a button, to provide continuous processing of test tube racks. For 16mm tubes, each filled with 10 ml of media, it takes less than 1 hour to fill 1000 tubes. The MEDIAJET is a next generation system that enables automated filling of up to 540 Petri Dishes at the push of a button. Incorporating a highly reliable mechanical dish guidance system, monitored by a set of sensors throughout the filling process, the compact MEDIAJET is the first system to provide truly reliable, walk-away operation. Also of interest to microbiology laboratories will be the MEDIACLAVE - a highly safe and economical system for preparation of media from one to nine litres. The MEDIACLAVE offers complete control and recording of all process parameters to guarantee a consistent validatable record.

At this important meeting, INTEGRA Biosciences will also be displaying its popular PIPETBOY range including the PIPETBOY comfort a colour coordinated feather-light precision pipette and the VACUSAFE comfort - an aspiration system for the safe and easy disposal of hazardous liquids. For laboratories tasked with sterilisation and sample heating applications requiring precision, flexibility and high operational safety INTEGRA Biosciences will exhibit its FIREBOY range of mobile Bunsen burners.

For further information on these easy to use and productive laboratory products please contact INTEGRA Biosciences AG.