Product News: Coming out of the Cold with Stat-Nat® Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix

03 Apr 2014

PCR master mix stabilizes the activity of enzymes for standardization and reproducibility

Now available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories (Eastleigh, Hants), STAT-NAT® is a new protective compound that stabilizes the activity of enzymes for a very long time with no temperature controlled storage requirements. This proprietary technology developed by Sentinel (Milan, Italy), provides an optimal and convenient basic platform useful for kits, “home brew” routine tests, and for the development of new assays.

STAT-NAT® products (Stabilized Amplification Technology – Nucleic Acid Testing) contain all the reaction components for PCR including the Hot Start Polymerase. They are ready-to-use for ease and convenience and minimize analytical variables, thus improving performance. STAT-NAT® is freeze-dried and guarantees long term storage at room temperature.

Supplied ready aliquoted into 0.2ml PCR tube strips, STAT-NAT also minimizes pipetting, meaning less potential for contamination or error. Just add your template and primers to a final volume of 25μl and you are done. The STAT-NAT DNA Mix can be used for traditional PCR, quantitative PCR (Real-Time), Melting Curve Analysis and High Resolution Melting methods using genomic or cDNA.

Ideal for high throughput applications and automation, using STAT-NAT gives you standardization and reproducibility. STAT-NAT has also been IVD CE marked for use in diagnostic methods.
STAT-NAT is available for universal PCR (DNA or RNA mix) plus multiplex PCR Malaria screening or typing and real time PCR for Leishmania.

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