Product News: Alpha Laboratories Introduce High Quality, Consistent and Economical, Simulated Whole Blood Controls

05 Mar 2013

Providing cost effective, dependable quality control materials for ABO, and Rh antibody screening standardisation in automated blood grouping methods, Alpha Laboratories is proud to introduce the new ALBAcheck® DUO simulated whole blood controls. With twice the stability of standard controls and a higher useable sera volume, ALBAcheck DUO gives you more tests for your money.

Produced by leading manufacturer, Alba Bioscience, they have a consistent phenotype enabling definition of results and eliminating the need for repeated instrument set up and re-confirmation between control batches. The controls are manufactured to mimic patient samples. Vial 1 contains a simulated whole blood sample of A2B RhD negative (rr) cells with an Anti-D (0.1 IU/mL). Vial 2 contains a simulated whole blood sample of O RhD positive (R1R1) cells with Anti-A, Anti-B and an Anti-C.

Supplied as 6 ml of 15% cell suspensions, each ALBAcheck control vial contains 5.1 ml of sera. Other controls are typically supplied in 5 ml, 33% suspensions, providing only 3.35 ml usable sera volume. So, with ALBAcheck you get more tests per vial.

The impressive 14 day open vial stability offers double the shelf life of other controls, which typically only exhibit a 7 day stability. Since ALBAcheck DUO contains two vials of each control, you only need one kit per month, making it both convenient and space saving.

ALBAcheck® DUO is a very affordable control solution that meets the BCSH and transfusion guidelines for controlling ABO and Rh testing for both donors and patients.