Product News: Albasure Sensitivity Controls for Routine Compatibility and Antibody Screening Testing

20 Dec 2013

Quality control in the Blood Sciences laboratory is critical. The ALBAcheck® line of Blood Group Serology (BGS) control reagents, manufactured by Quotient and available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, enables users to validate and control testing on an individual or batch basis. The range includes products suitable for sensitivity control of antibody testing platforms.

Routine compatibility testing and antibody screening have advanced with the introduction of fully automated test systems. It is essential to regularly monitor the performance of these platforms to ensure capability for detection of weak irregular antibodies. As part of the ALBAcheck®- BGS range, Quotient has specially formulated weak sensitivity controls, designed to stress testing platforms.

The ALBAcheck® BGS Albasure Sensitivity Control Kits are a combination of Anti-K,-c,-E,-S to stress the testing platform and provide greater confidence in testing. Anti-S is included as a post decontamination check to ensure cleaning solutions have been removed. The kits can be used in column agglutination test systems. Two specificities are available as described in the UKBTS guidelines and demonstrate the ability to detect weak antibodies (Anti-c, -Fya,) of different blood group specificities. The kits give weak reactions and allow compliance with current blood typing control guidelines.