Product News: Make the Move to Mass Spec with Agilent

18 Jul 2011

With our comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading GC/MS, LC/MS and RapidFire/MS solutions, Agilent can help you take advantage of the emerging world of clinical research MS from sample preparation to your final answer.

Confidence means a proven path to adopting mass spectrometry in the clinical research lab. The move to mass spec is inevitable, but it comes with many implementation challenges.

Our leading mass spectrometry solutions combined with our comprehensive portfolio of sample preparation and chromatography technologies deliver peak performance to help you identify and quantify compounds for clinical research and forensic toxicology with the utmost sensitivity, accuracy, productivity and reliability:

• Immunosuppressants
• Endogenous Steroids
• Vitamin D and Metabolites
• Analgesic Drugs
• Drugs of Abuse

Agilent’s GC/MS and LC/MS analyses confidently enable the routine screening and quantitation of your target compounds delivering fast, reliable results with improved sensitivity and high productivity. High-throughput analysis with Agilent’s RapidFire/MS systems eliminates sample preparation with integrated workflows. Our comprehensive portfolio of chemistries and supplies from general chromatography to sample preparation kits help you achieve accurate results for any MS analysis.

Take your clinical research lab to a new level of performance with mass spectrometry from Agilent.
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