Product News: Agilent Technologies Target-Enrichment for Next-Generation Sequencers Now Runs Four Times Faster

27 Apr 2012

Agilent Technologies Inc. today introduced a much faster version of the HaloPlex target enrichment system for desktop sequencers. The protocol that previously required approximately 24 hours can now be run in less than six. This enables users to go from sample prep to sequencing in less than a work shift.

The new HaloPlex requires only 200 ng of input DNA, one quarter of the amount previously needed, conserving precious samples. HaloPlex is also compatible with FFPE samples. The product comes with 96 indexes enabling sequencing of several samples in parallel.

Exclusive HaloPlex technology combines the speed and specificity of polymerase chain-reaction systems with the scalability and capture-size flexibility of in-solution hybridization formats. The library prep-free single tube protocol overcomes the target-number limitations of multiplex PCR due to cross-hybridization issues, reduces sample prep time, and is compatible with Illumina MiSeq desktop sequencers as well as HiSeq and GAIIx sequencers. The workflow is simpler and faster than hybrid capture and microfluidics PCR approaches.

“HaloPlex is an innovative technology that delivers strong value as desktop sequencing and target enrichment move into clinical research,” said Olle Ericsson, founder of Halo Genomics and now Agilent director of marketing, DNA Sequencing “This version is uniquely suited to meet these needs through the fast turnaround time and easy customization of designs.”

HaloPlex is a customizable product that enables users to create designs in less than 10 minutes to enrich thousands of genomic targets, using the no-charge Web Design Wizard.

Agilent acquired Halo Genomics of Uppsala, Sweden and the HaloPlex platform in December, 2011. The new product now also benefits from Agilent’s R&D, manufacturing and distribution resources. HaloPlex technology complements the existing Agilent SureSelect target-enrichment system.