Product News: Agilent Showcasing Full Life Science Portfolio at AACR 2009

06 Apr 2009

Scientists around the world use a wide range of Agilent instruments, software and reagents to study the mechanisms of cancer. As a leading provider of microarrays, sometimes referred to as “biochips,” Agilent is the source of sophisticated tools for examining the genomic aspects of cancers and other illnesses. Agilent is also a main global provider of gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry technology used to analyze tissue samples for proteins or metabolites in an attempt to identify markers for cancer, and detect and measure carcinogens in the environment.

Agilent’s broad portfolio includes software to collect and interpret data from cancer research experiments, reagents needed to run the experiments and automation options for labs performing large volumes of work. In recent years, researchers have begun to look at cancers from multiple scientific perspectives, an approach known as “systems biology.” Agilent supports this concept by addressing multiple scientific needs. For more information please visit the company webpage.

Visit Agilent Technologies at Booth #607.