Product News: New Application Compendium - Drugs and Metabolites in Oral Fluid: Immunoassay Screening and LC/MS/MS Confirmation and Quantification

11 Feb 2013

Agilent Technologies has partnered with Immunalysis Corporation to develop the first comprehensive end-to-end workflow for the collection, preparation, screening, confirmation and quantification of drugs in oral fluid. This compendium provides an integrated solution to a complete oral fluid analysis workflow. Download the compendium here.

Screening oral fluid is an accurate and effective alternative to screening urine or blood for drugs. It provides many collection advantages, and samples can be more easily analyzed using highly sensitive enzyme immunoassays and LC-MS/MS instrumentation. This method is used in workplace drug testing, criminal justice, vehicle accident investigation, and pain management programs, just to name a few.

Agilent Image
Figure 2: Agilent provides an entire workflow solution for oral fluid analysis—from sample collection and preparation, to quantitation and confirmation.

Agilent’s updated oral fluid compendium, “Drugs and Metabolites in Oral Fluid: Immunoassay Screening and LC/MS/MS Confirmation and Quantification,” is a comprehensive treatise on the detection of drugs of abuse in oral fluid, covering 100 drugs in 11 classes, including synthetic cannabinoids and Schedule II prescription medications recently recommended for inclusion in the Mandatory Guidelines for the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program. The compendium also provides comprehensive information on sample collection and preparation, immunoassay screening and LC/QQQ confirmation.

Watch videos: Complete your oral analysis workflows.

Learn More: Webinar Series - Analysis of Designer Drugs and Drugs of Abuse

Throughout the year, Agilent will sponsor a monthly educational series focusing on the analysis of designer drugs and drugs of abuse. Hosted by RTI International’s online education service, the webinars listed below will also be available for replay following the live events.

Comprehensive Workflow for Screening and Confirmation of Drugs in Oral Fluids, now accessible for replay at Forensic Science Education: Dr. Christine Moore of Immunalysis Corp. discusses designer drug compendiums, oral fluids sample collection, preparation, drug extraction, immunoassay screening and LC/QQQ confirmation equipment.

LC/QQQ Screening for 300 Designer Drugs and Metabolites, Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST: Dr. Tony DiCaprio of Florida International University’s-, Forensic Science Institute will describe current work focusing on the development of LC-QQQ-MS/MS-based methods for rapid screening of designer drugs in forensic analysis.

GC/MS and GC/QQQ Screening for 300 Designer Drugs and Metabolites, Thursday, April 18 at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST: Dr. Jose Almirall, also of Florida International University’s Forensic Science Institute, will focus on the expanded Designer Drug Library that FIU has developed in partnership with Agilent; discussion will also focus on the entire workflow for effective and rapid screening of designer drugs.